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Friday, August 4, 2017


For about two days, women, (and men) have been relating their experience as victims of rape and sexual assaults while growing up, through a Facebook user Olubunmi Ajai Layode.

Most of them who sent message to Olubunmi, Founder of Greenland Shelter for Domestic Violence Victims, and permitted her to share on Facebook what they had to go through, growing up. They were raped by their fathers, relatives and strangers between age 2 and 8. Few of them as teenagers.

Sharing from her inbox, Olubunmi wrote...

Abused by her dad. And her mother put pepper in her vagina for telling 'lies' about her father when she spoke out.

I was thirteen years old when it happened, I remember clearly cos that was when I saw my first period. Then my dad (a contractor) started making advances at me. My mum owner a restaurant and business wasn't flourishing so she was rushing from one prayer house to another, always going for vigil and crusades.

In our house, the girls had a room to themselves and the guys had a room to themselves too. But I loved reading so most times, I will go to the living room at night and read my novels so I don't disturb my sisters with the light I usually turn on to read.

Dad will come there in the living room and start touching me, I resisted cos I knew it was bad and he would hit me and call me names in the morning for resisting. There were days I couldn't resist him cos he'd slap me so he would rub his manhood on me till he cums, other times he'd tell me to suck it or stroke it till he cums, it continued for like three months till I couldn't take it anymore, by now I've learnt to stay in my room and yet he'd come at night to drag me to their room. So I started being rude to him and disobeying him, daring him to speak out about it.

That Christmas , mum called me out for being rude to dad and I was apologizing then my dad said "yes o, its because she's now following all these boys in the area". I saw red so I spoke out and told mum that he's been touching me and that was why I was rude, he shouted me down calling me a bitch and a witch. 

Sadly, mum believed him, so that day I got the beating of my life and she poured pepper into my vagina.

Later, she called me to her room to verify my story further so I told her all that transpired, she now believed me but couldn't confront dad, she started taking myself and my sisters to the vigils and she also started monitoring my dad and me.

He stopped disturbing me after that day I got beaten but I went ahead to warn him off my sisters and that if I see him near them, I'd shame him publicly.

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