WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Written by Islammiyah Saudique

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Long post alert!
All praise is due to Allah who made all things possible.
Gratitude! Gratitude!! Gratitude, from the bottom of my heart! Thank you all, those who out of their busy schedules and demanding tasks took time to attend the launch of our book Wedding Anniversary. It is our Book because last Sunday, we did more than launch a Book; we took a stand against domestic violence. We, together say NO MORE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! I must say I was overwhelmed and humbled to have you there supporting the project, taking a stand, boldly and loudly. It meant a lot to me, I will always be grateful and I will never forget.
My intention and mission in writing Wedding Anniversary was to create more awareness on domestic violence by taking the readers through the struggles, challenges, triumphs and intrigues women endure in their daily lives. And I thank you all for making that possible for me, believing in me and encouraging me to do more.
A special thanks to the special guests: the guest speaker, my sheikh Alhaji Imam Abdughaniu Adeleke Asubiaro, for his brilliant knowledge through sound and outstanding presentation.
My eternal gratitude to a great father, highly respected Alhaji Imam Somide. I still couldn’t believe how solidly he stood by me through it all. He promised to be there and he fulfilled his promises even beyond my expectations. You’re indeed a father and a leader. Thank you sir. My warmest regard and gratitude to his friend and partner, Alhaji Imam Hussein, thanks for your support sir.
Alhaja Oloko, Alhaji Badru, I say a BIG thank you for honouring me at such a short notice. The convener of the Conversation at the event, sister Aminat Moyo, thanks for doing a fantastic job to such a difficult task. You took all the questions and coordinated the discussion so beautifully. Thank you so much sis.
Wedding Anniversary is not a religious text; it is a Play; a literary advocacy against domestic violence, but my Muslim brothers and sisters gave me all the support I needed. for a successful Book Launch. The turn out from various Islamic Cultural Groups and Associations in Ireland was overwhelming. Thank you my kinsmen. Indeed, we are family. 
My Galway family, Dawatul Haq; my beloved sisters in FOMWAI, my sisters in MUSLAF; my sisters from TIAN, my amazing sisters from Waterford (who came very early), my wonderful family in Raodat Soliheen, Drogeda and their sister group from Balbriggan, I thank you all.
I will always appreciate my family from Dawah  Ireland, you came out in large numbers, I appreciate. My amazing fathers and sisters from  Islamic Progressive, I can’t thank you enough. You gave me a pleasant surprise. Thank you. My big sisters from Ridwanullahi Dublin and Ridawnnulahi Carlow, I can’t thank you enough. Thank you so much. My family from Dundalk, thanks for being so good to me. A huge thanks to my people from Cork, my beautiful sisters, I appreciate you. May Allah honour you. May Allah enrich you.
My special thanks goes to these lovely sisters whose love for me is beyond me: Sis Muolikat Latidoye, Alhaja Taiwo Joakin, Sis Khadijah Wan, Alhaja Zainab Azeez, Sis Saidat Ibrahim, Seidah Mutiat Iyanda, Sis Risikatou lawal, Sis Faslat Adekola, Sis Azeezat Ogunseye, Sis Yetunde Muheeb, Sis Aminah Yaru, Sis Morufat Bello, Mrs Apooyin, Sis Mojisola Mabogaje, Sis Radiat Yusuf, Sis Nafisat Hassan, Sis Jelilat Akinsola, Mummy Abdullateef, Amirah Balqees, my twinny, even though in Nigeria, I could feel your presence, Adenike Anifowose. Thank you all my dear sisters, your love empowers me. I owe you. Thank you so much.
My darling, the host of Red Carpet, the very beautiful, smart and intelligent Motun Abesin, I love you so much. Thanks for such a professional job. You’re going places. Well-done and best wishes. And thanks for my face beat. It was on fleek. I loved it.
Finally, my HUGE thanks to those who made the event come alive for the audience by asking questions and talking about their own experiences. That’s really courageous, we need more people like you. Thank you.
My love and gratitude to my family , my husband and my kids, for giving me enough peace of mind, love, patience, understanding and support to do my things. You’re the love of my life, you’re my rock. Thank you Eri Ife, Adesewa, Aderogbamola and Adedesire. I love you to the moon and back.
Sunday, July 2, 2017 was truly historic. We didn’t just launch a Book, we had heart-to-heart conversion, and we proffered solution to the menace of domestic violence with the hope of making a change. We raised issues to challenge some believes that contribute to perpetuation of domestic violence, and with no intention of taking sides with either men or women, we reminded ourselves our roles and responsibilities, not forgetting the power of patience and prayers. The conclusion was, prayers works, patience is good, but marriage is not a do-or-die affair.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day. I swear the food was good. That Naija jollof was everything; and the fried rice? Omg! It’s the type of fried rice you wouldn’t mind eating every day, even in your dreams. It was superb. Those that went home with gifts, your excitement melt my heart and I thank the sponsors for being so supportive: Meenah Essentials, Chic’n’Uniq and B & B Trading Stores. Thank you.
Some of my invited guests were unavoidably absent, I understand, I thank you all as well. Thanks for your messages and prayers. Looking forward to having you at the launch of my next Bestseller.
It’s a long post! I know, but I’ve gotta do this.
Please accept my gratitude and spread the word about our Book! You can now buy directly from me for 10euro in Ireland, or order online from Amazon or AuthorHouse UK.
Thank you!!!
Islammiyah Saudique-Kadejo
Author, Wedding Anniversary, 04 July 2017.

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