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Monday, February 20, 2017


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Five months after the death of front-line businessman Chief Olorogun Michael Ibru, 16 of his children are in a legal tussle over their paternity and his multi-billion naira assets, The Nation reports.

The children are fighting for shares in his vast business empire that cuts across hotel, fisheries, schools, real estate, banking, aviation and others.

One of his sons, Oboden Ibru, 
whose mother is Cecilia Ibru has approached the Igbosere High Court, Lagos, for a declaration, among others, that he and his 15 other siblings are entitled to the estate of their father.

Oboden is also asking the court to appoint him, the seventh defendant, Christiana, first defendant, Oskar and eighth defendant, Jero, as administrators of the Ibru estate and also grant an order directing them to apply to the 16th defendant for the grant of letters of administration for the estate. 

He also asked the court to approve forensic audit of the shareholdings and assets, whether real or personal, belonging to the estate of the late Ibru in Oteri Holdings and any other company in Nigeria or anywhere such may be located, discovered or found in the world and submit such report to the Registrar of the court within 90 days of the order and the cost of such exercise be paid by the administrators so appointed herein.

Oboden is also seeking an order directing the appointed administrators to divide the assets into 16 equal shares and that same be given to all the 16 surviving children of the late Ibru.

In a counter-claim, one of the late Chief Ibru’s daughters, Janet Ibru, urged the court to declare that only persons whose paternity are confirmed by a diagnostics centre in the United States are entitled to an equal share of the estate.

She is also seeking an order of the court directing the administrators of the estate of the late Ibru to refund to her, the expenses incurred in taking care of the late Ibru during the final year of his life.

Oboden’s suit was filed February 8 by Chief Bolaji Ayorinde (SAN) but has not been assigned to a Judge.

Olorogun Micheal Ibru died in September 2016.

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