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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


A Nigerian actress, Jewel Infinity has cried out for help after she was left hospitalized and in serious pain following a severe beating she received from an army officer in Rivers State.

According to Jewel, the Army officer named Sulaiman Olamilekan asked her to kneel down before him and apologise for what she didn't do; her refusal led to merciless beating.

She wrote on her page:

Please my good people of our nation, i am sincerely calling out for justice against violence. I am hospitalized right now as i type this with the lil stamina in me; i am in serious pain and agony; in between life and death. This is my story:
This morning, at about 11.50am, i boarded a sienna vehicle leaving PortHarcourt for Onitsha. As we approached the first checkpoint immediately after the airport, we pulled over as the soldiers ordered us to, for the usual scrutinization.
One of them, the youngest of them, by name, SULAIMAN OLAMILEKAN, began to molest me. He accused me of discussing him, where i was only having a friendly debate with the lady beside me about whether his car is tinted or not bcos of the way the we where being delayed bcos the driver didn't bring the back glass down when​ he stopped us  immediately he was like 'hey you wetin you just talk now' I explained to him that he was never in the picture of the gist but he ignored me and demanded i disembark from the vehicle, kneel down and apologise to him.
I called his bluff and explained to him that i did nothing wrong to apologise. To my greatest dismay, this dude went in search of any object at his disposal (a huge stick), and started hitting it all over my body. He shove me out of the vehicle and when he pieces-ed the stick on me he went in search of another thing and he came back with a big rod  immediately I saw him coming with that one and I noticed everyone was already scared to come closer also his colleagues were just there busy with the stopping of other vehicles I ran out of the  vehicle and jumped down wanted to run over to the other lane to where their ogas used to stay but on a second thought I sensed he might throw the big rod on me I then stood still not believing he could actually used that on me  b4 I knew it he started hitting my two leg with it.

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I was helpless as my fellow passengers were scared to intervene, the others (soldiers) disengaged him from hitting me further but they did not reprimand/reprove him. Instead, they confiscated my phone and prevented me from taking pictures of any of them my phone's screen is in pieces now . When i told them that i would no longer proceed with the journey, they restrained me from going back to Portharcourt by compelling the driver to embark on our journey to (Onitsha) with me.
The driver drove off to some distance away from there, and i alighted from the vehicle and boarded another one heading back to Portharcourt. The passengers in the bus were astonished at the injuries i sustained from the brutality. They sympathized with me and advised me to take the matter up. Even the new driver confirmed Ola to be a ruthless soldier as he has had an encounter like that with him before.
As soon as we arrived Portharcour, i went straight to the Army Barracks to file a report about him. I narrated the whole story to them. The soldiers and the superiors there, were astonished at the cruel act and were sympathizing with me and pleaded that i shouldn't take the case any further; that the Ola dude would be remanded for one month in the barracks there (which i feel is not enough justice)they said he just joined then in the yr 2015. 
I was quickly attended to and was taken to their clinic for treatment. They summoned for Ola, the dude was very shocked that the case had gotten here already. To God be the glory, he confessed correctly that i didn't do anything to have warranted his cruel action that he was in a very bad mood He said what happened there was inexplicable. This time, he genuflected and implored for compassion. He took my number when I was giving it to the nurse for my admission at the hospital an whatsapped me to forgive him and not take things seriously. (This was how i tracked his identity on True caller.)
Right now i am bedridden. The doctor said i am running temperature due to my high blood pressure. I am in serious pain and rendered partially immovable. How do i explain this uncomely incidence to my family in Onitsha whom i was supposed to meet with? Here are the pictures of what happened in the scene including the picture of the violator and the rod he used. You can access him with his facebook addy, "Sulaiman Olamilekan".
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Please Help! Help me reach out to anybody in authority, who can fight this violence. Violence is indeed a  cankerworm that has eaten us deep into every fabric of the Nigerian Army Force. Soldiers fight and protect their own, not to destroy the innocent civilians.
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What a shame! The soldier who should protect the civilian turned out to be an abuser. He should be punished for this to serve as lesson to others. Enough is enough. Gender based violence must stop.  

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