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Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The Awujale and Paramount ruler  of  Ijebuland Oba Dr. Sikiru Kayode Adetona who also doubles as  the President of the Ijebu Traditional Council may have set to clash with traditional worshipers otherwise called 'Osugbo' over burial rites for any  traditional rulers that passes on.

According to Platform Times, Awujale who  said there is no custom or tradition in Ijebuland that supports  such practice, described  the actions of such people as abomination.

He  however,  referred  to the Osugbos as balifs , explaining  that Osugbo  is just an association, not a chieftancy title or any cult to fear or revere.

Oba Adetona stated this while addressing some Christians and Muslim faithful who converged on his palace to kick start the annual weeklong prayer for him and the Ijebuland.

Platform Times gathered that the paramount  had some years ago abolished the practice  whereby the  demised king were  buried by some secret cult members who are often referred to as the Osugbos.
It was further gathered that,  since  the abolishment , few Obas who joined their ancestors had  been buried according to their faiths.

However,  the monarch while speaking   against the backdrop of a recent development which made the Ijebu Traditional Council to renew  its earlier stand on the issue disclosed that a 24-man committee would soon be inaugurated from the six local government areas of Ijebuland.

According to him,  the move  is  to ensure that any king that joined his ancestors are given  befitting burial according to the  faith of such monach he practised  while alive.

The Monarch said the resolution was made at the meeting held on the 28th of December,2016 to form a committee of four people, two each  from the Christian and Islamic religions  in the six local government of Ijebuland.

The  committee was  to meet with the members of Osugbo cult  who they alleged  were hijacking corpses of demised King, collect and dispossess the family of some possession on the pretence that they want to bury the monach according to what the tradition demands.

The Monarch said...
"They are not authorized to bury any king that joined his ancestors or perform any rituals on the body."
"Osugbos,  according to our culture here are like balifs  under our culture, if there is any fight in those days especially concerning land boundaries or farm boundaries, they are the ones that the king will send to restore normalcy there and bring report back to the king." Oba Adetona submitted.
Awujale further lamented that  the members of  osugbos whom he said have constituted  themselves to something else now , were also  the executioner who carries out death penalty on any convicted criminals in those days.

"Now they do what they want, why, because we give them the right to do such , when they arrive at the burial programme of  any Oba and everybody runs  away".

"No, this is nonsense which must stop ,henceforth, because they are mere messengers", the Oba said.
He advised the people not to run away again but pick up their cane and send them away.

Awujale added that henceforth any culture that is not in vogue and not in tandem with the modern day reality would be jettisoned  and thrown away.

The Ijebu paramount ruler however noted that the way other Yoruba people buried their kings has nothing to do with the Ijebu tradition and this is what the Ijebu Traditional Council has now unanimously agreed upon.

Gbengande of Ososa, Oba Adetoye Alatishe and other members of the Ijebu Traditional Council said they all aligned with the decision of Awujale,  describing it as a welcome development.


Hmmm! That's a new one. Let's wait and see. K'adepe lori Oba.

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  1. I hope the revered monarch was duly informed about what happened in Ago-Iwoye during burial of the late king before Oba Adenugba who currently occupied the exalted throne


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