WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Written by Islammiyah Saudique

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


My interest in issues affecting women, especially violence against us by the men we love, men who should protect us, stemmed from my inability to fathom why any sane woman would remain in an abusive relationship.

Until I founded Complete Care International in 2007 and started working directly with abused women,  I never believed even the victims could defend their abusers. It's shocking!

Domestic violence is worse in Africa  because the abused wife had been brainwashed to remain in Bondage called marriage 'because of her children.' Who takes care of these children when he pushes her to her death or beat her to death?

Yet, sadly though,  I have come to understand why abused wife will stay with her abusive husband. I have also learnt such situation is even worse than getting a divorce because the day an abused person 'sparks'; anything can happen.

Our culture also didn't help; the memo a woman gets the moment she gets married is that women are expected to endure and endure till she's pushed to her grave.

So, how do we help women in abusive relationships?  Martin Luther King said,  ' If you want to change the world, 'Pick up your pen and right.'

So, what I have written for you is a Book on domestic violence. Hopefully,  you get to read  and benefit from it.

Wedding Anniversary is a play seventy percent of women and girls worldwide can relate with. It is an interesting story of love and hate that cuts across countries and cultures. The shocking intrigues women go through are illustrated in this play.

Married as a virgin to the first man who won her heart, Teemah never thought marriage to her prince charming could be an agonizing experience.

Kicked, tortured, humiliated, and raped until she was pushed to the wall. Her heart could no longer hold her pain. Does love need to hurt? When love hurts, who pays? And what’s the price?

Despite being a pathetic story of what women go through, Wedding Anniversary also tells the humorous story of Bella and her lazy fiancĂ©, Donald. Rihanna, Teemah’s friend is beautiful, full of life, single, and searching. How best to plan a wedding? You may need to consult Rihanna. And what does she have in common with Biodun, Teemah’s brother? Bad breath? No. They are both single and ready to mingle. This is a hard-to-put-down play. 

Get ready to laugh, get ready to be angry, get ready to be educated, and get ready to be entertained.

Now available at AuthorHouse UK. Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Pearl Magazine Blog.

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