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Wednesday, November 16, 2016



PDP’s New Media Director, Deji Adeyanju shared a photo of a young boy said to be about 7-year-old who was allegedly given jungle justice as he was beaten severely by a mob and burnt to death. The location of the incident is unknown.
Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the dastardly act.

I've always said this, Jungle Justice is a barbaric act that must be condemned by all, see what was done to a 7yr old becos he stole garri.😢

Phone, garri, money.. Whatever he stole, That's a child for God's sake.. 😔 

This is hard to stomach... A 7yr killed because of Garri. For God sake!! People are Evil.. Poverty is not an Excuse!!

Steal Billions and become a Chairman in your Area, and Chieftaincy bestowed on you by your People, Steal Garri and be Burnt, Jungle Justice

If you were one of those that killed that boy over garri, or you just even watched you are going to hell

You people will be running 🏃 after politicians stealing our billions and you burnt someone for stealing garri or cellphone....

God will not have mercy on a country where kids are burnt to death for stealing Garri.

A 7yr old boy stole garri & U burn im 2 death

But wen Politicians fleece ur future away wt deir pen, U hail dem

God's judgement awaits u!

I hope @NGRSenate pushes a bill against jungle justice as fast as they amended the CCB/CCT Act..d killing of a boy over Garri is 1 too many

The depressing thing about the 7yr old who was burnt alive for stealing garri, is that even before the court of law, he is still a juvenile.

Let me enlighten you. We have pack of liars, thieves in our government, yet we killed a 7 yr for garri. 

This cruelty is becoming unbecoming. how can you kill a kid just because he stole garri? Haba..

if U See Pple stealing ur Garri,Dont kill or Mock them,it's hunger.Just add Sugar&Groundnut for them & Pray that u shouldnt b in Their Shoes

Hajjah Islammiyah Ayaba-Kadejo feeling angry.
3 mins


Steal billions, one month in a luxurious prison. Steal millions, one year in executive prison. Steal thousands, five years maximum. Steal garri, phone, bread; death by burning. Welcome to crazy Nigeria.

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  1. OMG!!! what the hell is Nigeria turning into, A 7year old boy killed because he stole and people were watching and recording videos and taking pictures how fair is that.
    He is still a child for crying out loud, a 7yr old boy, is this what Nigeria has turned into was bad enough that they beat him up then someone who calls himself a human being suggested burning the poor child and the poor child was burned.
    I just pity those who took part in this barbaric act, you all forgot that someone up there watches what we humans do, I wonder how your own lives are going to end.
    May the soul of that boy R.I.P.


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