WEDDING ANNIVERSARY Written by Islammiyah Saudique

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Monday, November 28, 2016

"MY BOOK IS COMING OUT SOON & I'M SO ECSTATIC, YET NERVOUS" -Islammiyah Saudique, Writer, Blogger

For seven good years, I was totally lost as a writer. I suffered writer's block and it wasn't funny. Being unable to think of what to write or how to start writing after having written and published two books was the worse a creative mind can go through; if you know the feeling.
Franz Kafka said, "A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.".It was indeed insane, and I was so afraid if I will ever write again.
Then, boom! 2016, and I started writing Wedding Anniversary.
Let me give you an insight into this amazing Play:
Wedding Anniversary is a play most women and girls worldwide can relate to. It is an interesting story of love and hate. It tells our story as women; the cross-cultural story of many women told with facts and humour, coupled with the struggles, challenges, triumphs and intrigues women go through in their daily lives. This compelling story reveals in a well-nuanced manner that love doesn’t have to hurt.
Now to the point of this blog post: 
Writing excites me. It feels voids in me. I speak through writing. I shut my silence through writing. It makes me feel useful to the society, being able to lend a voice on issues that matter. I write Play; but not just any play. My plays revolve round issues affecting us as humans. I can explain that: My first Book in 2003, "Agony of a Dying Daughter" was about sickle cell anemia, causes, challenges, pains and triumph. My second play, also published in 2003, "Who Owns the Child?" was about child paternity. And my new baby, "Wedding Anniversary" is about Domestic Violence. You see? Lol. I write non-fiction stories from fictional perspective.

My new play, "Wedding Anniversary" is birthing in couple of weeks.  As a journalist of thirteen years experience and a writer of twenty four years minus seven (Lol) experince, as ecstatic as I am, my fear is that numbers of readers compared to social media fans decrease every blessed day.  There are so few bookstores left on streets; although the big bookstores remain blockbusters, and that is why people like me and many writers reading this can still burn the midnight candles to pour out our emotions in form of a book.
This is my third book, but my very first one with a world recognised publisher, AuthorHouse UK and I am so happy. I look forward to your feedbacks when the book is out. Don't worry, they don't have to be favourable; just make them plain truth about how you feel. Send me your comments, opinions, recommendations, questions, suggestions and whatever you feel like talking to me about.
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I’m nervous about the birth of my book. I’m nervous about your feedbacks and criticism but I am hopeful and my excitement is much bigger than my fear.
Count down with me. Watch out for "Wedding Anniversary...Love Doesn't have to Hurt". written by yours truly, Islammiyah Saudique.

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