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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Wife of Nigeria’s President Mrs Aisha Buhari will always be in the news; for the good, bad and even ugly reasons.

The First Lady raised dust when recently she decided to travel with her personal make up artist, Mamza Beauty to New York for the just concluded UN General Assembly.

After this photo was posted on Instagram, Nigerians were outraged that the First Lady flew her make up artist with her to New York ‘on tax payers money’.

People took to social media to complain bitterly about the perceived double standards of the First Family.

Well, if Mrs Buhari will not give an official response, the make-up artist in question has taken it upon herself to defend her highest paying client. 

Posting more photos from the New York make-up session, the Abuja-based makeup artist said Mrs Buhari's efforts towards eradicating child malnutrition, hunger, and other social issues through her pet project, Future Assured, should be commended rather than focusing of who flew with her to New York.

She wrote:

"Read...for those who CARE to be enlightened about her trip....Getting Her Excellency(Wife of the President of Nigeria) ready for the 71st United Nations General Assembly(I am deeply honored);
where she is advocating for support to push forward the Child nutrition project which would CREATE JOBS for our youths, SOLVE MALNOURISHMENT , HUNGER issues and help BOOST our nations' GDP. Food for malnourished and hunger stricken children are deployed from donors to help alleviate poverty and solve the problem of malnourishment, but before the food reaches Nigeria some of the children die from starvation. So Mrs Buhari is pushing to solve this predicament for the Nigerian child amongst other programs by pushing for the set up of a food factory (Nutritional plant) in Nigeria, which would produce healthy and nutritious ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF)for babies and toddlers 'AT NO COST'. Some neighboring countries in Africa (Niger) have a factory set up to produce their own food, empowered by the @aishambuhari asks "WHY NOT NIGERIA"? . It is easy to judge from the sidelines when u don't really know what is going on..."
See some of the reactions to the post:

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