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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Actress Toyin Aimakhu, very much unlike her,   has gone off social media for some days now and her new boyfriend, the movie producer Seun Egbede has been accused of kidnapping her.

It all started after the actress made a video plea about a UK-based comedian who had threatened to commit suicide. Ereme Abraham had shared what he called his last social media post, revealed he suffers depression, and went away with a last word on how he would end it all.

Toyin Aimakhu cried in the clip she shared on Instagram and begged people to help find the young artist. Not long after she shared the video, Aimakhu’s page was taken over with worrying posts being made and photos deleted.

Fans then accused Seun Egbede of kidnapping the actress from the movie location she had been.

An eye-witness said Seun Egbegbe rushed to the movie location where Toyin was working after he heard what was going on on IG; shouting; and collected her phone. He afterward took over her IG account but later deleted what he posted. 

No one has gotten through to Toyin since then.

A close friend of Toyin said after Toyin made that Valentine shout out to seun egbegbe, due to the comments she got, especially the ones that said he was an armed robber, she had to ask him his source of income asides the ebony films everyone knows of which his answer was not satisfactory. . . So she said she was leaving him. That was before the IG episode.

Well, Seun Egbede has denied these claims. In an Instagram post which he has now deleted, the movie producer said he only took Aimakhu’s phone, and then explained that he was only upset by the video plea the actress posted.

“She post another man as her crush# and crying about the man on her page,” Egbede wrote, “That is what is called adultry(sic).”

Egbede has also accused Toyin of kidnapping his Range Rove Sports (sic).

Read the post:

"Lol this is funny I don't do this but I really think Is needed# cos i need to clear my hand off what I was wrongly accused of#is it possible for a man to kidnap his woman living in his house as house wife#if I kidnap her who will pay the randsom ask by the kidnappers #am in my house when I read a post on Instagram that I kidnap my wife @aimakhutoyin #let just give a clue of what happen #i was at home in my living room this morning when my friends and family called me about toyin post on Instagram that she post another man as her crush# and crying about the man on her page ur husband doing everything I want for u that is what is called adultry ,she left from my house this morning to kemi Korede movie shooting so I was angry and I went to the movie location I took her phone from her#cos I don't want a slap on my face anymore#i guess taking that step is not too much me #how can I kiddnap a woman with my car of millions of naira# I won't say more than dia but I know very soon the truth will be out soon#but the comedy I love about the all story is that she said I kiddnap her phone she kiddnap my rangerover jeep"

Fans of Toyin have since created an IG account called # BringBackOurToyin

Source: Instagram



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