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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Have you noticed there is something about this fine boy, Korede Bello that reminds one of the late yet ever living legend Michael Jackson? He is super talented, cute and lovable. His name Korede speaks for him. Need I say more?  Let's look at his profile:

His first single, “African Princess”, was a country hit and then his first collaboration with label mates “Dorobucci” became a continent hit and was certified Platinum in Youtube views.

This was followed by his second single, “Cold Outside”, which instantly became another country smash.

On January 28, 2015 Mavins’ Korede Bello dropped the infectious “God Win”, and it’s been all sorts of awesomeness –reception wise– since then.

The now household anthem of the young and old irrespective of class or status “God Win” is a paragon, not so much for its creativity as much as it is for its radio-readiness and verve.

Korede Bello with a promising and successful music careeer ahead has a large and loyal fan-base, who are nicknamed “Bellovers”.

We Bellovers can only hope and pray our Michael Jackson stays long in the industry to make more valuable contributions; and that money, fame and women will not derail him from getting to the great height in his chosen career. Can someone say Amen? Aaaaaaamen!


Korede Bello was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1997. As a child, Korede Bello shown astrong interest in Dance and Music, teaching himself to play many instruments. 

At 7, he began performing on stages and entered his school talent competition at the age of 13, and placed first position. He's since taken on singing and performing as a career path, starting with performing at local venues, gradually growing his teaming fans.

Years after, he was discovered and signed a recording and distribution deal with Mavin Records. And the rest is an awesome history. 

Ride on Korede.

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