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Thursday, August 27, 2015


By Wole Osewa
In the past few weeks, the news dominating our air waves is that of the probe (or, if you like, bringing justice) to looters of our common wealth. What is intriguing is that, as with all manner of discussions amongst us Nigerians, the debate has been varied as it's been interesting. There is the school of thought that says PMB should start his probe to include all past governments in Nigeria, If you allow this group, they might include Mungo Park on their list! Another school of thought believe only the last administration should be probed. And finally, some say our president should start from the APC as charity, they cry out loud, starts from home! This question then comes up: Should Buhari probe everyone?
Please make no mistakes about it. I love justice and hate corruption with passion. However, I would like to be practical while maintaining my two feet in the realm of reality. To those who think he should start from past administrations, I humbly ask: where should he start from? Tafawa Balewa? Aguyi ironsi? Shehu Shagari or Olusegun Obasanjo? Clearly, it's obvious this approach is neither practicable nor simple to implement. Where are the past records, to start with? Besides, Buhari has just 4 years and has other programmes calling for his attention besides this probe.
Let's not deceive ourselves by looking for any utopian society because non exists. In my own considered opinion, this government already has a list of the scapegoats. The scapegoats would pay the price for others. The definition of "others" in this case would depend on the individual perception. Some are even worried that some corrupt PDP members are crossing over to APC in order to avoid justice but I don't think any criss crossing can change anything at this time. Just imagine even if Alison Madueke became the APC chair person tomorrow, would that change anything? NO, for sure!
Moreover, I presume that we shouldn't expect PMB to look for and prosecute everyone that has stolen 100k. That won't happen. Some, in the likes of the minister who stole $6b would pay the price here while others would be dealt with by the Almighty. No society in the world brings every offender to book. Allow me to use America as my case in point because it's the global police and the beacon of democracy. Its an open secret that D. Chaney had his hands brutally soiled in the infamous Halliburton bribery scandal, yet, up till this day, the man wears his spectacles on his nose, plays golf around town and sits in powerful boardrooms.
There's just no practical way to punish every big and small looters. The earlier we get this truth about life, the better and less disappointed we'll be generally. Of course, I don't support any offenders to go unpunished but I also know it's a day dream to expect PMB look for and punish all small and big corrupt officials. . And for "charity begins at home" cryers, are you suggesting for a moment that PMB should go ahead and imprison Mr Jagaban? Please inform the rest of the sane world when you wake up from your day dreaming. The good thing in my views is that the era of wanton impunity is over. At least some scapegoats would serve as a lesson and deterrent to new offenders and that it not gonna be business as usual. That alone is worthy of our jubilation in our Nigeria of today!
Wole writes from UK.

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