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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Aye aye people, I am Togun Nestor  Bolaji (you can call me TOGUN). I'm a budding security expert and your security consultant. Every week I'll be dropping you some security stuffs (ranging from security hints to analysis of our security situations and basically any security gist that's good for you).
I promise not to confuse you with bIg grammars! Feel free to drop your comments as long as they're not about my big head.
This week, let's look at very simple security hints:
1. Avoid routines: Routines in case you don't know are habits, things you do on a regular basis. Routines make you predictable and being predictable makes you vulnerable and when you're vulnerable it makes you an easy target. People can predict you.
If say for instance you take the same route to work everyday, you can be ambushed because they know it's for sure only a matter of time before you pass that route everyday. Try to break your routines every once in a while; take a different route to work, eat at a different restaurant, etc.
2. When in public places like markets, avoid backpacks/backstraps, use side bags or front facing bags you can see at all times in order to avoid being a victim of thieves that tear bags; and dont forget to hold firmly unto your bags.
3. For those of us in areas prone to bomb attacks, please watch out for strange bags or objects lying around, avoid people whose dressing seem unusual; as they can be carrying bombs underneath and check for unsual objects or bags (it could be an explosive).
4. In a situation where you discover an explosive (for instance a bomb) stay away as far as possible and notify the Police about it. In the event of an explosion, please do not rush immediately to the scene as more explosives could be lying there.
Following the above tips will definitely and assuredly (if the word exists) keep you from danger.
Ciao. Talk to ya next week.

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