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Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Morning Tea(s): RANDOM ⋰ *⋰ ılıl ılıl ⋰ *⋰ THINKING

I will just write away my thoughts while I sip my tea. It is called Random writing. Good Morning and welcome to Monday Morning Tea(s). The kettle is on, help yourself. 
Nigerians are inundated with all manner of prediction from their political actors. These predictions are made more of predilection rather that pragmatic statistics. About 8 years ago a PDP member in state of grandiose megalomania predicted that PDP will rule Nigeria for 60 years....we all know the reality now. So any postulation based on over consumption of amala, akpu or tuwo will fade in the face of time. An eastern governor of APC have just gotten bitten by the bug of grandiose megalomania.
Consequently he predicted that APC will rule for a very long time. I will suggest the governor allow the forces of time and chance to determine that.

With a proclivity for organised and orchestrated insensitivity to the expectations of the masses, no political party can rule a nation for a long time although they may rue this reality.

When a couple marry, I refer to the tradition cross and arrow marriage ie male and female. When the marital contract breeds harmony then it is called a matrimony.

When a group of countries with an infinitesimal amount of similarity and a gargantuan quantity of disparity elect to be together just because their olfactory organs have the same angles of pointed elevation, the countries are called United Kingdom.

Another country have all manners of states with zero propensities to exhibit cerebral undercurrent of harmonious frequencies, they want to direct the dispensation and disposition of other sovereignties, the country is conferred with the appellation of United States.

The Manager of a football team is expected to comport himself in a resplendent manner at all times, however when he decides to be loquacious with dereliction of coaching duties and a premeditated visionless field stlretegy, only a threesome goals of whitewash will jolt him back to the realities concomitant with his position.

I have observed a wonder of amusing curiosity in the annals of female Homo sapien fashion sense. Ladies with tomato shaped heads will wear hair styles fit for ladies with egg shaped cranial hemispheres. Is that a fashion statement as well?

I find it very annoying, and my dog confirmed it, when humans call other humans animal names like goat for doing stupid things. Last week, a man called his son a goat for crossing the road carelessly. All the goats in the area got angry and asked him to tender an unreserved apology.

It is a display of deep seated intellectual bluntness for a man to hypothesise that to catch an ape you need to behave like an ape. The truism is to catch a monkey you offer it a banana.

Stupidity seems to be a trait some people can't be divorced from. In Lagos a Chinese man got angry when Nigerian immigration officer could spot and differentiate between him and his friends because they all seem the same.

The Univeristy is a citadel for the acquisition and dissemination of university knowledge. It is also a place where some people display universal emptiness of the brain. A student once defined a gynaecologist as a ruler of Ghana. He obviously has a congenital abnormality that made it impossible for his to separate Ghana, gynaecology and "ghanacology"
Good Morning. Till next week, don't worry be happy.

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