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Monday, August 17, 2015


Of all quotes regarding health, one can irrevocably say, "Health is Wealth" is the most popular, and there's little anyone can argue about that.
A recent joke that swept across social media platforms comes to mind at this point. It goes thus:
"DON'T MAKE A WOMAN CRY" There is nothing as expensive as a lady's tears. When a single drop of tear comes out, it first mixes with L'OREAL eye liner (N7,500) & REVLON mascara (N8,500), then when it rolls down the cheek it mixes with ESTEE LAUDER foundation (N11,000) ZARON blush (N15,000) and MAC powder (N19,000). Finally when it touches the lips it gets mixed with MAYBELLINE lipstick (N12,000) and AVON lip gloss (N5,000). A single drop of a lady's tear costs about N78,000 ($390). But you can make a man cry, its only Vaseline (N150) or powder (N200): N350 ($1.75)."
As funny as the joke sounds, it holds great element of truth within. We generally spend more to look good on the outside, but forget something that's more important; true beauty comes from within.
Mahatma Gandhi said, "it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver [and material things]."
Don't get this wrong, no one's saying here that spending to look good is a bad thing. But when we fail to invest in our health, we're likened to a car that is getting pimped over a faulty engine. Then there's nothing left to move its beauty. Something baffles the mind: why we slack in spending when it comes to issues relating to our health. Just a few questions for you:
Have you (or do you) ever booked an appointment at a health care provider's office?
How much time do you spend reading health journals or watching health programs?
How much do you spend on multivitamins or other healthcare products?
With this we charge you, you should know by now that your health means much to you. You do all you do, carry out your daily activities, have nice times with friends and family, all because you're healthy. Health is not just wealth; HEALTH IS LIFE.
It's high time we started being #HealthWise.
Join us same time next week. Until then, do #StayHealthy.

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  1. Really eye-opening....only recently have I just started taking more of fruits to boost my immune system.


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