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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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A major part of the city of Ibadan has been taken over by beggars, who investigations revealed, trooped into the town from Kaduna State after Governor Nasiru el-Rufai banned them from the state last month.
A truck driver in Bodija Market, Abiade Yusuff, who brings in foodstuffs from the North to Oyo State, revealed that more than 100 beggars travelled from the North to Ibadan in trucks every day. He said youths from the North who are commercial motorcyclists, were also trooping to the state.
He said,
“They beg us to give them ride to Ibadan from Kaduna, Zaria, Danja, Katsina and other villages where we load food stuffs. They pay little fee for the ride. The journey, which can take up to 15 hours is usually difficult and some of them arrive here sick, especially the children. We also have many commercial motorcyclists coming to Ibadan from the North. They strap their motorcycles to the trucks and disembark just outside the city and ride in to their destination. They have guides who wait for them at a designated point,” he added.
Investigation revealed that the disabled beggars, mostly pregnant women and old women and children, do not limit their target areas to the Sabo where they live in large numbers and commercial centres, such as Dugbe, Mokola and Oritamerin alone. They are now found in high brow area of Iyaganku and Bodija. Majority of them now live under the Mokola fly-over bridge. They sleep in the beautified area, adorned with flowers and green carpet. A number of them are also found on the road leading to the Premier Hotel, Ibadan, where traffic lights cause motorists to stop briefly.
In the rush hour of the day, motorists face a hard time driving freely among the beggars who invade the main roads each time the traffic light stops motorists. The surge in the number of commercial motorcyclists, many of them from the North, has also made driving difficult even on dual carriage ways in the city.
El-Rufai season film.  Lol

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