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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Everlasting LOVE for MAN and WOMAN to be together: 

Never look for a GOOD FACE, it will turn OLD one day. Never look for a GOOD SKIN, it will WRINKLE one day. Never look for a HOT SEXY BODY, it will FADE away one day.

Welcome guys to a new perspective in being a man. I will be giving you all insights into a new idea to being responsible men. Opening up channels and prospects to dating and staying married. My name is Oladipupo. Join me on this blog as I take you men and not boys on Heart Mattaz with Ladi.

Today, we will be looking at hidden signs to look for in a woman before getting married.

When a guy is set to marry , he looks for traits such as , care, love, respect , good looking, educated, romantic, intelligent, God fearing, industrious, compassionate, fun to be with etc.

I must tell you, there are some hidden signs you need to look out for, so that you won’t be caught unaware. like the saying goes, when you are married, divorce is not an option; so, be wise.
Don't be afraid to break a heart because your life depends on your future than to toil with it. 
This may actually be applicable to ladies too but I will want to speak from an angle of a guy .

1) Negative Minded Ladies.

These set of ladies are always pessimistic about anything and everything. You hardly hear them say positive things about any issue except their own exploit. They are in the habit of giving and pointing to negative examples every time. They won’t stop asking you silly questions like “ if armed robber should come to our house and rape
me what will you do?” or assuming we are married and no child for ten years what will be your reaction?"


Am not saying one should not have some fears about life (evils are everywhere) but when one’s life is dominated in that direction then, there should be a rethink.


If you eventually end up with such woman, she will never see anything positive in what you do, no matter how much you try. This can be frustrating as a man especially the hard working ones. They are the type that will always compete with their husband and feel they can do better than their husband if they have same opportunity of equal resources.

2)Haters/ Non Appreciative

This type of ladies will always hate anything that doesn’t have anything to do with her. She will condemn even the best obvious good things. No news is good news to her in as much she is not a beneficiary. She is neither fascinated by good things around her nor around her spouse. These are the type of ladies that see a car of your relative or friend that worth millions of naira and say its shouldn’t be more than 600k. She looks down on anybody that does extra ordinary things, believing it’s nothing special while she can’t even do one per cent of such.


These type of ladies tend to hate every of your family members, friends and neighbours when she eventually gets what she want (marriage).

You, being the 'wife' and her the 'husband'  will always be a victim day in day out.

Don’t mind the cordial relationship she is having with people around you , it’s a matter of time when she eventually gets in, her fully blown colour will show like rainbow in the sky.

3) The Gentle and peace lover

She is always quiet and smiling. She will always take your opinion as the best. In most cases, she hardly antagonises your decisions even when it’s obvious it’s not convenient for her. She will not let out her opinion so that you won’t be angry. Not that she doesn’t have one but she doesn’t want to make you angry. Even if you are angry she will make peace immediately before you get out of her sight. She will always beg.


Some ladies are naturally loving and gentle, they take life easy, not that they are dull but that is just their life style. Most at times its good to fight separate and come back; it makes partners stronger. The separation may be short or long. What is most important is that you tend to reflect on the relationship if it actually worth it or not. A situation where one of the parties is always making sure this doesn't happen, my brother, I'm afraid.


Most ladies that fall into this category are the ones that are very eager to marry. She must have witnessed nearly all her mates or younger ones' wedding. So, they need to form zombie to get what they want. Some might have been warned by their relatives and blamed their hot temper for their delay in marriage. So, they had to subside the temperament till when they would have little or nothing to loose. When you eventually marry this type of lady, don’t be surprise when you receive the first "adult slap” from your gentle wife. Watch out. Not only that, you will be surprised when she complains about everything and all things. Those are the ladies that gives directly or indirect rules on family and friends that visit the house while her family members enjoy a free day anytime any day. She stops begging and most times initiate fights.

4) The masculine worker.

When you visit a lady in the house and you discover she has the strength of more than a man...hmmm! You see her fetching water and balancing 50 litters of kegs of water on both hands. You see her painting her own room by herself, taking cutlass to  clear the surroundings, cutting trees before the Gardner resumes. She kills snakes anyhow. She walks where men can’t even dare.


It’s good for ladies to be hard working and have ability to do various house chores but there is work for men and there are works for women. The lady that can do all...hmmm!


Don’t be surprised when eventually she gets to the house and she sees nothing much to exercise her power on hmmm... You may need to have some training in judo or karate.
Moreso, these kind of ladies will not allow anybody near your house because she believes she can do it all. When the work load is much, you are incorporated into the kitchen by force by fire.

5) The Wedding Planner.

The only thing she is excited to discuss is how the wedding day will be. She doesn’t care about home, about future together, about how to raise the kids. Those are the desperados. She will never talk of how the two of you will attend marriage seminar, single programs, discussing family situations etc.


It’s normal for ladies to think of wedding and plan towards that great day. But it’s worrisome if that is the 90% talk instead of the marriage plan.


Most ladies don’t understand that wedding is not marriage. Most ladies misbehave when they get to their husband house because they failed to prepare for it. They were caught unawares by their husbands' character which they might have been told at marriage seminars or read about. How would they know when they didn’t prepare? Moreso, they connive with family members to demand for exorbitant and outrageous bride price even when you struggle to make sure she leaves her father's house.

6) The Indoor Lady

The indoor ladies are only exposed to their parent house, schools attended, NYSC and church.
Besides all these places, nothing else. They can only talk only on these places in their life time. Worst still, they never read papers, listen to news, no visitation of any kind and enemies of social media. 

They are uninformed set of ladies. They are difficult to train. Worst still, they so much have strong conviction about the little they know. They are very difficult to beat in an argument. They are ready to enter into a blind argument with you for no just reason and for a silly cause too. These people are very difficult to train.

You hardly enjoy watching TV with them or accompany you to places. Her sense of judgment is next to error.


My guy, welcome to a lonely life where electronic gadgets becomes your best friend. You will prefer talking to yourself like a mad man than discussing with her. Reason why you see some men glued to their phones/tablets or other devices  in the house.

7) Nollywood Fan

All their lifestyle is built around Nigerian  movies. They believe everything they see on their screen. They are millions miles far away from reality .They are always suspicious of all the people around them as evil. They don’t want to make friends so that what happened to Ronke Oshodioke in “campus girls” or Yetunde Wunmi in "wicked husbands"  movie would not happen to them in reality.


They will give your life rules of life as if you were just born to the world. Citing relevant and irrelevant movies.

8 ) Fighting Parent Influence:

You go to her house, you overheard her mum screaming on her daddy for hours , you saw or heard this with your own very ears not once, not twice. The fact is, no matter how nice, accommodating, humble, loving and caring your lady is, you will occasionally get that dose. If you are very fortunate it won’t be a daily dose.


Guy, she will make your life miserable!

9) The Past Perfect Secret Keeper (PPSK)

Any lady that fails to give you a hint (if not details) of how she departed from her former relationship(s), is dangerous. You may soon be the victim of her regular bad character. Like it’s said, character is like a smoke, you can’t cover it.

That character that destroyed her former relationship she is keeping away from you will still repeat itself sooner or later.

Till next week, this is Ladi saying, watch your back bro!

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