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Thursday, August 27, 2015



We all want (not need) something at one point or the other. But when the thing isn't forthcoming we tend to let go, especially if such thing isn't a need. How many of us can consistently seek a want or desire for over a year? May be many of us right? But how many of us can consistently seek  for another person's joy for over a year? Many people round the world joined a social media campaign to plead for their safe return.  We all cried and made lots of noise when the Chibok girls were announced missing; but because they are not our daughters, many of us have forgotten; no more tweeting, our facebook posts shifted to politics, no more protests, it just drastically stopped trending...except for a few; one of them, Charles Kehinde Alasholuyi.

While many gave up hope of their being alive; and many even doubted their kidnap, Alasholuyi Charles Kehinde, a Marketing professional, married, father of three children has taken time nearly every single day since the girls went missing to hold up a sign featuring the #BringBackOurGirls.

There is hardly a week that I don't see his photo with the hashtag on Facebook.

In an exclusive interview with Pearl magazine Blog, Charles said as a father, he can only imagine the pain and agony of the Chibok parents.

"If I had to travel, I can't imagine my kids being away from me for one or two weeks...My mind is always with them. The Chibok Girls have been away from their families for 500 days now and still counting - one could only imagine the pain their parents feel." He laments.

He also spoke on what informed his persistent effort and need for us all to always remember the Chibok girls until they return home safely:

Alasholuyi, a believer in the saying that "an injury done to one, is an injury done to all," and he believes today its Chibok, tomorrow it could his village.
He admits his daily routine has been stressful and inundating, but he stressed:
I am a very resilient, I am a fighter. I hardly give up easily. I am tough.
Charles has refused to give up. He remains committed to the campaign and his hope of the girls' return remains steadfast.
The Interview...

What informed your persistent effort?

The Parents of the 219 abducted Chibok to be rallied around, they need our voices, we need speak on the behalf and consistently too. We can't pretend as if we are conscienceless. These are 219 Human beings and not animals. Even if they are animals, they deserve our better treatment.
I am a Christian and I have read in the Holy Book when a Shepard of 100 sheep - when one was missing, he abandoned the 99 to go look for the missing one. If animals could get such treatment, humans being deserve better treatment. Chibok Girls deserve all the global outcry reminding the world the girls are still not back.

They are our fellow citizens, whose dreams are currently being toyed with, we must not relent, we must not allow it happened. Like I do say, yesterday was Chibok, today is another Nigerian town, tomorrow it could my village. For me, I believe in the saying that 'an injustice done to one is an injustice done to all.'

Has your effort affected your job or anything else in any way?

Yes, I might be a secondary victim of Boko Haram. Standing in from of the camera for the past 480 days everyday carrying placard and reminding the whole world - the stolen girls are still not back - is actually traumatic. My efforts so far has no way, affected my full time job. The struggle has become a cross, a cross I carry along with me wherever I go everyday. I am a focused person, I plan my day ahead. I give to Ceaser what belongs to him.

What message do you have for the Federal Government, the Nigerian Army or even President Muhammadu Buhari in particular?

Nigerian government needs to do more than we have witnessed under the last government in rescuing the Chibok Girls. We have witnessed series of Suicide Bombings since the inception of Buhari's government. I think it's a 'panic-move' by Boko Haram, an attempt to say they are still a 'force'. More so, new service chiefs were appointed. President Buhari has promised to do all he could to Bring Back The Girls, I expect him to live up to this promise.

We understood some Chibok Parents whose children were abducted had died while they awaited safe return of their kids. We can't afford many more to die as a result of the pain the endless wait generates.

Nigerian Army should engage the citizens and build confidence in our that they are indeed on top of the situation. We expect the Military to be well equipped enough to engage Boko Haram. We are praying for the military and wishing the success as they engage these terrorists. And we hope to hear some form of good news soon about the release/rescue of Chibok girls and other Nigerians that might have been abducted before and after the Chibok girls' abduction.


How stressful or easy is the routine of writing and posting hashtag reminder online virtually everyday?

I am a very resilient, I am a fighter. I hardly give up easily. I am tough, it is stressful, it is inundating. It is a vow I have made that I will never be part of the bandwagon who just carry the BBOG placard and then move on after some days. I dare to be different. I have the support of family, they kept me encouraged and motivated.

Yeah some people might have moved on and come back carrying the BBOG placard at every milestones (e.g. 100 Days, 200 Days, 300 Days, 400 Days and etc), but there are still people who never for once give up on the struggle, people I call - 'The conscience of the Nation'. We can not pretend as if nothing happened on 14 April 2014. We are people of Conscience.

Who is your photographer?

Good question. A colleague of mine  help me with the daily images. He keeps asking me - Are sure these girls would come back alive? I always respond YES. I have to respond in affirmative because that's what is keeping me going and daily encouragement I get from people across the globe on all social media platforms on which I share my daily count-up images.

His name is Mr. Friday Jimoh Okere. Without him, it would have been so difficult to cope.

(And Charles sent his colleague's photo to PM Blog; see it below)

This morning he posted with a new hashtag photo:

1 YEAR + 135 DAYS Since 276 Chibok School Girls Were Abducted From Their School Hostel By Boko Haram Terrorists. 57 Escaped, NONE has so far been rescued and 219 Girls are still being held In Captivity.

It is also exactly 90 Days today since President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn-in as Nigerian President, which happens to be 500 Days the Chibok Schoolgirls have spent in Boko Haram's captivity.

We hope and trust that President Muhammadu Buhari would live up to his promise of rescuing the Chibok Girls alive and dealing with Boko Haram issue squarely after so many broken promises from former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Good man, Nigeria needs people like you as leaders.

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