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Saturday, November 15, 2014


Would you marry your ex-wife’s niece or ex-husband’s nephew? Would you keep wild animals such as snakes, crocodiles and water pythons as pets? Do you believe marrying as many women as possible and having so many children, is actually one of the requirements of being a Fuji artiste?

KWAM 1, the popular Fuji artiste, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall has been there and to him it's “no big deal.”

Read excerpts from the interview he had with Punch

On marrying his ex-wife’s niece

It doesn’t make any meaning to me. Do you read the Bible very well? The Bible contains a lot of things even for generations yet to come to learn something from. The Bible is a book of life. Talking about my personal life doesn’t make any meaning. If you start tracing the lineage of some people, you would even find out that some men may have married their sisters and nothing happened. It is not a big deal. If they didn’t kill them then, why would somebody talk about my marrying my ex-wife’s niece and such jargons? It doesn’t make any meaning. Life is about what suits you. I don’t want to be citing examples but the Bible has taught us so many things.

On keeping wild animals as pets..

They are not dangerous. Nothing really triggered my love for these animals. I just love them. I have eagles; I have ostriches and other animals. They are a good company especially when I want to think.  I don’t intend to stop. I still have my snakes and crocodiles. I have two water pythons. They are very big. I love them.

No, they don’t eat human beings. They eat good food. They eat frogs and toads. They also eat fish.

On rivalry between him and some other fuji musicians…

I really don’t like it when people talk about this so-called rivalry. It has been over-flogged. In the first place, I am a senior colleague to virtually all the fuji musicians apart from Barrister and Kollington. Barrister is dead but Kollington is there. In music, he is older than me. In age, he is still older than me. It is a must for me to respect somebody who is older than me and recognise the fact that he was there before me. Even in the water, fishes have respect for one another. In the animal kingdom, there is respect among them. It is annoying that people talk about rivalry all the time.

I am telling you there is no rivalry. I don’t see it as rivalry and it can never be. It can create another meaning to a lazy mind. I am not lazy and I am upright. I know what my targets are. I know my dream and what goals I have set for myself.

On not being a university graduate and not achieving his dream to be a lawyer…

My ambition not dead. We are still learning. If an opportunity opens for me tomorrow to study Law, I will take it. I will not be the first person to go back to school at my age. I see myself doing it one day.

I have never felt bad about not completing my education. I have seen so many successful people. I have seen those who passed through schools. We read every day. We hear stories every day of people who never saw the four walls of a classroom making impact in the lives of people. They say ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.’ I have good friends around me that I can rub minds with. Whatever I have been able to put together so far shows my ability to learn from people around me and I learn very well.

On singing praises of drug barons and criminals…

Did you write it on their foreheads that they are criminals and drug barons? Do these people write it on their gates that ‘We are criminals, we live here?’ Would anybody go near them if they do such? So why do we keep talking about this? There is no way such people would put a signpost to advertise they are criminals. Everybody will appear to you as a good person. If for any reason somebody is charged with a criminal act, it has nothing to do with you or me. Criminals live amongst us daily. Come to think of it, praise-singing has been on right from the word go. Why are you heaping it on me? A man is even presumed innocent until he is proven guilty.

On the exact number of his wives and children…

When King Solomon in the Bible died, there was no issue among his wives and children. If it didn’t happen in the time of Solomon, it will not happen in my time. How many kids do I even have? How many women have I known? There are so many people out there who even have more than we can ever think of. It is on record that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If somebody like Solomon wasn’t crucified during his time, why do you have to talk about me? How many women have I ever touched? How many children do I have? Before you talk about me, let people talk about King Solomon.

On being a polygamist…

No way! I don’t have any regret at all. I was born into it. I practice it very well and I am enjoying it. That it didn’t or doesn’t work well for some people doesn’t mean I should complain about it. My marriage is beautiful. I am enjoying my marriage with Fathia. She gives me joy and she gives me reason to be thankful.

Every woman married to a man in my kind of profession should understand the nature of the job. Fathia, my wife, is just the lucky one. She is lucky she is the one I have pronounced. So many women are out there and they want me to pronounce and profess such to them. But she is the chosen one. I am proud to say she is my love. She earns it. She gives me support and understanding.


K1 ‘D’ Ultimate, ajepe aye o.

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