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Saturday, November 8, 2014


•Oyedepo: His church members assaulted journalists and Ogun tax officials
There's a report on BBC today that Bishop David Oyedepo owned Winners' Chapel International is planning to open a school on Kent, UK. It's not the the plan that makes the news , but how BBC described the Church: 'Witchcraft' church.
See the headline below...
Excerpt from BBC Report…

A Nigerian church accused of linking poor discipline to witchcraft wants to open an independent school in Kent.
Winners' Chapel International, which is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission, wants to open the school at its Dartford site.
Human rights campaigners and the National Secular Society are urging the government to turn down the school bid.

The church, whose leader Bishop David Oyedpo was filmed accusing a woman of being a witch, declined an interview.

The organisation, which has its headquarters in Nigeria, is known as Living Faith Church Worldwide and also Winners' Chapel International (WCI).

‘’There's a need to be vigilant and there's a need to tackle this”

Bishop Oyedepo, its leader in Nigeria, has been shown on YouTube slapping a woman and accusing her of being a witch.

Stephen Evans, from the NSS, said the Metropolitan Police had investigated 27 cases of child abuse related to witchcraft this year.

He said: "There's a need to be vigilant and there's a need to tackle this.''

"You don't do this by allowing organisations that believe in witchcraft and are associated with witch-hunting to open in the UK."

The Charity Commission confirmed concerns raised about Winners' Chapel International included conflicts of interest and the charity's financial management.

In 2011, Bishop Oyedepo's fortune was estimated at $150m (£94m).
Nawa o. Bbbbbbbbb Bbbbbbbbbbbbb Cccccccccccccc!

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