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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Angry Father Puts His 10 Year-old Daughter on Blast on Facebook for Lying About Her Age & Having Boyfriend

A 10 year old girl posed as teenager on Facebook, getting boyfriend etc. Her dad Kevin Jones found out and made her dress her age and posted her 10year old looking photos online.

As you can imagine, it has to be much harder being a parent of a daughter today than it was just a decade ago. In 2004, the only real threats to look out for were too grown TV shows, movies and explicit music. Fast forward to today, and there are several more distractions and influences, namely social media. Her father Kevin Jones knows this struggle.

 He came across his worst nightmare this week, when he caught Janiya, a 5’9′ fifth grader, online pretending to be a teenager, even an 18-year-old! After she snagged herself a boyfriend by lying about her age, her father took things into his own hands, and posted photos of Janiya looking more like the 10-year-old she is, than the teenager she was passing herself off to be on social media.

 The photos featured his daughter wearing ponytails and barrettes, a pink princess backpack, and an airbrushed t-shirt that said “I Am 10 Years Old” in the front and “5th Grader” in the back, as shown after his post below:

It’s scary to think of the predators out there, preying on young girls like Janiya. She may not think so because most 10-year-old girls think they know everything, but one day, she’ll thank her dad for steering her in the right direction!

Some people actually said the dad went too far, but for me, not at all.
The post already got 247,213 Likes and 77,342 Shares; and still trending.




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